What Makes a Good Christian Play

Good stories make great plays, and all around the world, Christian plays are much appreciated for their meaning, lessons, and inspirational effect whenever people watch them. Every once in a while individuals appreciate a touching presentation which can reach to their inner self and affect them positively. We believe how important it is for Christian play scripts to be carefully crafted while maintaining the audience’s attention.

It is a given that a Christian play must have a lesson, should be inspiring, and as much possible, be memorable. However, these aren’t the only qualities that good Christian plays should have. Here are some of the factors which contribute to great Christian play scripts

  • Must capture and retain the attention of the audience – To successfully get the message across, Christian plays must be able to pique the interest of the audience. This can be achieved by making use of interesting characters, a conflict which is strong but can be resolved, and also by injecting some humor. Serious Christian plays are also effective, but having some comic relief once in a while helps break the “heavy” feeling. It also makes the play more memorable because humor won’t just capture the attention of the audience but make them feel good after the play as well.
  • Should make the audience feel part of the experience – To make them feel the lessons and value of the play, there should be lines which everyone can relate to. People appreciate it when they can relate to a character’s experiences, and would feel more hopeful about their personal lives and have a more positive outlook when they can feel great about how the character was able to triumph in the play.
  • Can involve the audience in some acts – Some Christian plays which go the extra mile have scenes where some of the audiences—mostly kids, are involved in certain scenes. This adds to the experience of the audience that they are part of the play.
  • Makes good use of symbolism – Good Christian plays need not always have many characters to make everyone feel part of the play. A single character may symbolize many groups of people when given the right words to say. Even the situations where the characters find themselves in may help in making use of symbolism to make the play feel more “real” or “genuine” by the audience.
  • Imparts not just one lesson – There are many Christian values and a Christian play is a great way to impart several of these valuable nuggets of goodness and wisdom. While having a central plot is a great way to go about presenting a play, being able to share several values shown in various situations makes a Christian play script even better. 

Great plays which are able to touch the hearts, inspire, and motivate people to become better individuals take time, effort, and dedication to be made possible. We are ready to assist you with your needs for enlightening play presentations which will be of great value to anyone who will have the chance to watch it. You can visit us at for more information. 

Shalom (Peace)

Cleveland O. McLeish


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The Secrets to Success

It pays not to be distracted by what this world has to offer. When the television and the radio is off and the doors are closed and idle friends are avoided for a time it makes way for thought and in thinking the powerful human mind that God built in us tend to find truth. So, the question has been asked, “How do I succeed?” The answer comes in many parts and different versions but this is my interpretation.

If you are serious about succeeding, you have to pass the tests.

It’s as simple as that and also something we already know but have failed to apply it to all areas of our lives. Life is just a series of tests that God allows in His attempt to make us better people. Just the same as it’s impossible to become a Doctor, Engineer or Land Surveyor without passing a series of tests…it’s hard to succeed if you keep failing the tests that God allows. We already know that without a test there can be no testimony but most of us, because of the hardness and stubbornness of our hearts, will spend our entire life in God’s classroom, having our lives going around in circles, not achieving any growth or upward movements…remaining in the same place for years and years…wondering Why. We will spend our entire life in God’s classroom because we keep failing tests and every time we fail a test we have to re-sit and then life becomes a painful, monotonous cycle.

Here are some added characteristics to success.

Be consistent. Don’t be up today and down tomorrow, committed today and lackadaisical tomorrow….find a level you can maintain and stick to it. This will help to build character.

Be humble. No one is better off than the other and surely I am not more important than anybody. Believe it or not we are on the same level and tomorrow you may need help from someone you despise and criticize today. The same effort it takes to talk about someone behind their back and criticize everything they do is the same effort it takes to love them as yourself and do unto them as you would have them do unto you. I have found that in life a critic hates to be criticized and a gossiper hates to be talked about so level the playing field.

Be persistent. All great inventions came out of many, many errors. Be prepared that the first attempts will lead to failure but so many of us give up just before we get our breakthrough. Press on. Mistakes, errors and failures are steps to success.

So as we persist in consistency while choosing to be humble, seek to pass every test that God allows. Some are easy but most of them are hard. Eventually we will graduate and begin to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Every one of us is born with greatness inside us but if you do nothing you will achieve nothing. If you do little you will achieve little. Do not seek to be great or greatness will die with you;  aspire instead to do great things and you will leave a legacy behind and begin to experience true success.




My Prayer

I have the mind of Christ. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. I was fearfully and wonderfully made. I am the apple of God’s eyes, His workmanship. I am co-heirs with Christ of the Kingdom. I am saved. I am not condemned. I am justified by faith and sealed until that final day. I bear in my body the mark of Jesus Christ. I am salt and light in this earth. I am the head and not the tail. As Jesus is, so am I.

I declare a financial breakthrough in my life. I declare that my finances will not dry up, but be multiplied. I declare an increase over my life and the life of my family. I declare that we will rise out of debt and we will lend and not borrow. I declare that we will give to the orphans and widows, and sow our tithes on fertile ground with the expectation to reap according to God’s word. I declare wealth in the name of Jesus.

I declare that I will be free from anxieties. I declare that my mind will not be ruled by fear. I declare that I will walk in the power, love and sound mind of the Holy Spirit.

I declare that the fruits of the Spirit will be evident in my life. I declare that I have the authority over sickness and diseases. I declare healing in my body and mind. I declare health in the name of Jesus. I declare that my flesh will be subjected to the Spirit.

I release the favor of God upon my life. I am blessed. When I go and when I come, I am blessed. I release the favor of God on my books, my websites and my jobs. I declare that my borders have already begun to be enlarged. I declare that I will live and dwell under an open heaven, in the name of Jesus.


Chloe – The Novel

In a few short weeks, Chloe will be released to the world and this young lady promises to change or challenge the thoughts and ideas of many people.


Cleopatra was only eighteen when she was raped and became pregnant. She did not know if the child belonged to her rapist or her boyfriend Patrick. An abortion seemed the convenient choice. She was in her first year at college and a baby would ruin everything. Patrick disagreed.

Chloe Cleopatra Taylor was born November 10, 1990.

Twenty-four years later, Chloe struggles to find her identity in a gothic culture and her writing. James is her best friend who is secretly in love with her. He is a striving environmental artist who is very patient and helps to create a balance in her life. Even he knows that Chloe is different.

Chloe has always felt that her life was a dream. She struggles to blend in with society during the days. At nights, she writes: poetry, short stories, and eventually a screenplay. James coerces her to go to church with him one Sunday. There she finds peace and, surprisingly, gives her life to God. That is when strange things begin to happen.

Chloe’s dead father shows up. He confirms her fears that something is terribly wrong with the world she lives in. Chloe is propelled on a journey to find the truth. Is something wrong with the world, or with her? Why is she seeing strange things? Why can’t she remember ever going to sleep? Why is she unable to die? Why is she seeing dead people?

Eventually Chloe finds immeasurable success as a screenwriter. Her writing changes the world, as millions of people worldwide are touched by her gift. She also discovers a terrible truth that will take it all away.


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Living With Anxiety

They say God works in myterious ways and I’m inclined to agree
Cause I been going through some stuff and can’t understand why me
I’ve tried to be faithful and do what I’m supposed to do
But why I became a target of anxiety, I do not have a clue

Never in my life have I ever been to a hospital, until this thing came on me
And I’ve been to the doctor several times now, and doctor fee is not free
I’ve read a million articles, even those from people like me
Taken medication, change of lifestyle, let the feelings be

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, this discomfort is just too great
And feeling sick and uncomfortable is a feeling I really hate
But I will never give up my struggle to be free
Cause I know I serve a God who can and will deliver me.Image


Life After Divorce

Williams Scales of WS Productions has been working relentlessly to release his new movie on DVD. Life After Divorce was written by me several years ago. It is based on ideas presented by a friend of mine “Andre Blount.” While working on the third script for Andre, he was hospitalized and I lost contact with him.

Years later, I was contacted by one of his family members, and that’s when I learnt that he had died. I am saddened to this day by that news and would love to dedicate this movie to his memory. He had a lot of stories to tell, and this is one of them. I’m sure his legacy will continue on the other side.

R.I.P. my friend.

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The Lords Table

The Lords Table

The ASBC Drama Ministry’s take on The Lords Table written by Cleveland O. McLeish. I had the privilege of watching this live through online streaming, and I must say it was a powerful performance. To God be the glory. Great things He has done.