About Me

I am a published Author and a multi-award winning Playwright and Screenwriter. I love to write plays and movie scripts for churches worldwide, but my goal has always been to follow where the Shepherd leads. It’s hard therefore to nail a specialty in my field, so I’m content to say that I’m just a writer and I am bold enough to declare that I write for God.

I have formulated and arranged words and ideas to create poems, plays, movies and non-fiction books. Each is unique and takes time. It takes time to write and write well. it takes time to build a good story, outline characters, organize plot points, maintain conflict, build an unforgettable climax and solve/resolve to a readers satisfaction. It takes time to write something someone is willing to pay to read. I have done it. I have sold books, plays and movie scripts so I’m a professional at what I do, and I love doing it. I live to write, and write to live.

I am a writer. It’s what I do, and have been doing for over a decade. People come to me because they want to hear what I have to say. I am easy going, easy to communicate with, have the ability to absorb honest criticisms and I will work at a script or book until its as perfect as I can get it.

Persistence is key, especially during the rewriting process. I love to tell stories. Stories change lives. Writers change lives, and I love what I do, simply because of what it can do for others. You will also notice that I am not only a writer, but a Christian Writer…more so a published Christian Writer. I have published two non-fiction titles, and there is more to come. I don’t just specialize in writing fiction, but non-fiction as well. My aim has always been to be a well rounded writer, and with my own personal drive and years of study at The Writers Bureau and Christian Writers Guild, I have realized my dream.

But regardless of how much I write, there is always one more story to tell — one more idea to explore — one more great play or movie that hasn’t been written yet. I will keep writing as long as I have breath and hopefully there is a place for writers on the New Earth so I can write for all eternity.


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