The Secrets to Success

16 Apr

It pays not to be distracted by what this world has to offer. When the television and the radio is off and the doors are closed and idle friends are avoided for a time it makes way for thought and in thinking the powerful human mind that God built in us tend to find truth. So, the question has been asked, “How do I succeed?” The answer comes in many parts and different versions but this is my interpretation.

If you are serious about succeeding, you have to pass the tests.

It’s as simple as that and also something we already know but have failed to apply it to all areas of our lives. Life is just a series of tests that God allows in His attempt to make us better people. Just the same as it’s impossible to become a Doctor, Engineer or Land Surveyor without passing a series of tests…it’s hard to succeed if you keep failing the tests that God allows. We already know that without a test there can be no testimony but most of us, because of the hardness and stubbornness of our hearts, will spend our entire life in God’s classroom, having our lives going around in circles, not achieving any growth or upward movements…remaining in the same place for years and years…wondering Why. We will spend our entire life in God’s classroom because we keep failing tests and every time we fail a test we have to re-sit and then life becomes a painful, monotonous cycle.

Here are some added characteristics to success.

Be consistent. Don’t be up today and down tomorrow, committed today and lackadaisical tomorrow….find a level you can maintain and stick to it. This will help to build character.

Be humble. No one is better off than the other and surely I am not more important than anybody. Believe it or not we are on the same level and tomorrow you may need help from someone you despise and criticize today. The same effort it takes to talk about someone behind their back and criticize everything they do is the same effort it takes to love them as yourself and do unto them as you would have them do unto you. I have found that in life a critic hates to be criticized and a gossiper hates to be talked about so level the playing field.

Be persistent. All great inventions came out of many, many errors. Be prepared that the first attempts will lead to failure but so many of us give up just before we get our breakthrough. Press on. Mistakes, errors and failures are steps to success.

So as we persist in consistency while choosing to be humble, seek to pass every test that God allows. Some are easy but most of them are hard. Eventually we will graduate and begin to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Every one of us is born with greatness inside us but if you do nothing you will achieve nothing. If you do little you will achieve little. Do not seek to be great or greatness will die with you;  aspire instead to do great things and you will leave a legacy behind and begin to experience true success.




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