Chloe – The Novel

10 Apr

In a few short weeks, Chloe will be released to the world and this young lady promises to change or challenge the thoughts and ideas of many people.


Cleopatra was only eighteen when she was raped and became pregnant. She did not know if the child belonged to her rapist or her boyfriend Patrick. An abortion seemed the convenient choice. She was in her first year at college and a baby would ruin everything. Patrick disagreed.

Chloe Cleopatra Taylor was born November 10, 1990.

Twenty-four years later, Chloe struggles to find her identity in a gothic culture and her writing. James is her best friend who is secretly in love with her. He is a striving environmental artist who is very patient and helps to create a balance in her life. Even he knows that Chloe is different.

Chloe has always felt that her life was a dream. She struggles to blend in with society during the days. At nights, she writes: poetry, short stories, and eventually a screenplay. James coerces her to go to church with him one Sunday. There she finds peace and, surprisingly, gives her life to God. That is when strange things begin to happen.

Chloe’s dead father shows up. He confirms her fears that something is terribly wrong with the world she lives in. Chloe is propelled on a journey to find the truth. Is something wrong with the world, or with her? Why is she seeing strange things? Why can’t she remember ever going to sleep? Why is she unable to die? Why is she seeing dead people?

Eventually Chloe finds immeasurable success as a screenwriter. Her writing changes the world, as millions of people worldwide are touched by her gift. She also discovers a terrible truth that will take it all away.


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