Finding Inspiration

25 Mar

One of my favorite hobby is taking pictures. In my picture taking journey, I have managed to catch a few very inspiring and awesome moments with family, friends and nature…but I have also missed a lot because at the time I did not have my camera. For instance, I was on my way to visit my mother the other day and was passing a cane field  when all of a sudden a small whirlwind begun to move through that cane field picking up a lot of dry leaves and creating a spectacle that I wish I could have caught on camera. But I missed it, because once again…I did not have my camera.

As writers, we never know when the inspiration is going to hit. I have had dreams, thoughts and ideas come and go without being recorded. Many moments lost because I did not have a pen and a paper, or a recording device. How many best selling ideas have I missed, or great books that could have spoken volumes to many people, just because I did not write it as I received it.

In essence, we don’t find inspiration. Inspiration finds us, most times without adequate notice. That’s just how a writers mind works. It could be an object, or a phase spoken by a particular person, a moment in time that was not captured and become lost forever.

So I went and bought a lot of notebooks, and make sure one and a pen is in every room. I have written things I may never use, but the moment was captured. I have also acquired a recording device, but I have no idea where it is in this point in time. While it could be found, it did come in handy as I tend to get inspiration while driving. I have had to pull to the side of the highway once to make notes. Not sure I will ever do that again. The car shook violently every time a car whizzed past on the highway.

The point is, always be prepared to record that fleeting moment of inspiration. Otherwise, it could be lost forever.


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