Writers Block

23 Mar

This term is well known by all writers. It is those moments where nothing seems to leave the mind to the page. it is those moments, that the mind has seemingly gone blank. Writers block is when illumination and inspiration seems to elude us, and all that is left behind is a blank page.

For writers to make a living, we have to write and write consistently. Everyday, if possible. So writers block becomes an enemy that is not welcomed in our part of town as it will lead to poverty.

So how do I deal with this elusive monster?

Well, I ignore it. I make it a habit to write even in the absence of illumination and inspiration, I write even if I don;t feel like writing (like now), I write even when the blank page is seemingly more attractive than what I have written. In essence, I do write a lot of crap….but I have written none the less. Revisions and re-writes can change garbage into a total gem, so why worry about whats coming out, and how it comes out on the page. It doesn’t really matter if you think about it. What matters is that something has been written.

There is a difference between someone employed at 9-5 job and a writer. Employed people can go to work and pretend like they are working, spending a majority of the time on social networks and texting, but still get their full pay at the end of the payment cycle. For writers, unless that blank page falls between two chapters, or at the end for notes…. we don’t get paid for a blank page. If we entertain writers block, that is most definitely what we will end up with.

We can’t do anything to stop this dude from coming around and trying to stifle our creative flow. What we can do is press on even in his intimidating presence. Eventually, like the devil, he will flee after much resistance.

So, don’t let a day end on a blank page.



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