My Present Projects

22 Mar

Just wanted to share how overwhelming this gift of writing can get, and I’m not complaining. Truth is, you tell people that you work from home, and they are like ‘Oh, you must have so much time on your hands.’ I wish!

Presently I’m writing a Screenplay Adaption for one of my Friends Rob Buck titled Beyond Time. It’s kind of a futuristic/scientific story with some interesting time travel themes and a good Christian message.

I’m also working on another Screenplay adaption “Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles” that chronicle the ‘Jesus Movement’ stories of the 70’s. Very interesting themes of faith and miracles.

There is also another Screenplay I’m working on called “The Covering.” This one is being written from a treatment or outline and takes twice as long as the other two established stories. In essence, this one has to be built from the ground up.

I am also the co-author of a full length stageplay titled “I Need to Know my Father – Part II.” This is a sequel and is challenging to write as there is an expectation that this will surpass the quality and value of the first one, and this is not easy to do.

Those are the urgent projects I’m working on along with my own personal writing including the novel for ‘Chloe’ that I am getting super excited about and I can’t wait to release that to the world. It’s a really good story.

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