Christ in my Writing

22 Mar

I make every effort to include ‘Christian’ when trying to define the kind of writer I am. I know I could be content with just saying I’m a writer, but to me it makes all the more difference to be a little bit more specific. After all there are erotic writers, fantasy writers, comedy writers. I could fall into one or more of these categories, but with a strong Christian flavor.

A few years ago, I was doing a Playwriting course through a secular channel. So, naturally, the play I was supposed to write for that class was secular. For the first time ever, I even used some controversial language. I mean, I was doing a Playwriting course. I would fail if all my characters sounded like the decent, law abiding Christian that I am….so if a character was a sinner, I made him sin and cuss.

It just so happens that I was asked to display some of my stuff at a Church Convention. I never thought anyone would venture to look beyond the cover of anything on display. After all, this is a generation of non-readers right? Wrong! One of my elderly sister from my own local Church flipped beyond the cover of my first non-Christian play. She came over to me and asked what this particular word she was pointing at was. Of course it was one of those words I don’t use or more so, I should not use…but I wrote it. I was very embarrassed.

That moment in my history taught me a valuable lesson that I never forgot. To this day, I have never compromised anything I have written, and am proud to say that I am a Christian Writer, and I write for God. I have learnt the art of making a character who is a sinner, a sinner without compromising in language, explicit descriptions and behavior or gross mis-conduct. This self appointed title, however, comes with its own disadvantages. I try not to write, unless I am inspired to, which makes maintaining a blog a challenge in and of itself as I really have no words of my own. I am very doubtful I will make it to 365 posts, but I will try. This is really me trying.

Until then you can see my work here:



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