So It Has Begun….

20 Mar

My heart is a bit heavy since of late. I can’t be sure what to attribute this burdensome feeling to, but I have been contemplating a lot of things. For one, as a writer, I keep thinking how hard is it to sell a million copies of one book.

Well, apparently  its super difficult…so I did some research. The more I read, the more it became clear that Authors who find success has done it through blogging. Seriously! Isn’t blogging the same as listening involuntarily to someone talking without ceasing or even taking a breath? I would never subscribe to that!

Okay! So maybe I will.

I know people who have tried blogging, only to give up after a little while and zero interaction. I’m thinking, there are millions of blogs now so who cares what a little Jamaican Author who has met a small measure of international success has to say. Well, I guess we will find out.

Zero interaction or not, I am committing myself to writing one entry every day. Which means in one year, there will be 365 posts right here on my personal blog, whether anyone reads it or not.

Be warned though, that I write better than I talk so my writing is really going to be more interesting than what I have to say here. No pun intended!


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