Christian Playwriting

20 Mar

I continue to get lots of emails from prospective playwrights, who have penned a wonderful play that may have been produced once, and then deposited in the archives. I’m sure that curiosity would point such a one in a direction where these archives don’t exist, and scripts are bought and used over and over again.

So how did I do it?

Keep in mind that when I wrote my first play over a decade ago, such a market did not exist for me. This is where a mentor comes into play. I was taught that any market that didn’t exist could be created for just about anything. Where most of us go wrong, is that we look for something already established and then try to be a part of that. This road is way too easy, and we miss the vital learning experience from going at it the hard way.

In some sense though, a market does exist for Christian scripts. There are publishers of plays and Playwriting competitions that offers newbies a foot in the door. There is also the option of self publishing, which is by far my personal favorite. The hardest part of Self Publishing for me is marketing, but I realize more and more publishers are sending their Authors out to do their own marketing, so either way works out the same.

So, go get those scripts you have in your archive and do something great with them. There are many options to explore. Some are in my book available in Kindle and Hard Copy on Amazon:

frontBookCover5_5x8_5_BW_190-C- 12-12 final5

Until then, you can view all my work at



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