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Life After Divorce

Williams Scales of WS Productions has been working relentlessly to release his new movie on DVD. Life After Divorce was written by me several years ago. It is based on ideas presented by a friend of mine “Andre Blount.” While working on the third script for Andre, he was hospitalized and I lost contact with him.

Years later, I was contacted by one of his family members, and that’s when I learnt that he had died. I am saddened to this day by that news and would love to dedicate this movie to his memory. He had a lot of stories to tell, and this is one of them. I’m sure his legacy will continue on the other side.

R.I.P. my friend.

Scripts for this movie and others can be found at



The Lords Table

The Lords Table

The ASBC Drama Ministry’s take on The Lords Table written by Cleveland O. McLeish. I had the privilege of watching this live through online streaming, and I must say it was a powerful performance. To God be the glory. Great things He has done.


Heaven’s Writers

I think a lot about my home beyond this life. It’s just an amazing thought, and I’m blown away by the fact that it will be so much better than I can possibly imagine it to be. I’m thinking also, that if all we do in this life is recorded, then there must be plenty of books there. An eternal library that is so detailed, all the questions we have now will be answered. We will no doubt get a clearer look at how all the pieces of life fit together and why some things happen, good and bad.

Now if there are books, then there must be writers. I’m thinking that Heaven is not an extended eternal Church service, so there must be some continuity to what we know now, and what we do now….so I’m submitting my application for a writing position in Heaven. How cool is that? I’m not just a writer in this life, but I may just be one for all eternity.

With this in mind, I don’t rush to complete any story. I write for God, and will be writing for Him for a very long time, so even if a story or book is unfinished here, I will get a chance to finish it there. As a matter of fact, I am looking forward to it.

So….gentle people, if there really are vacancies in Heaven, which position will you be applying for?



Finding Inspiration

One of my favorite hobby is taking pictures. In my picture taking journey, I have managed to catch a few very inspiring and awesome moments with family, friends and nature…but I have also missed a lot because at the time I did not have my camera. For instance, I was on my way to visit my mother the other day and was passing a cane field  when all of a sudden a small whirlwind begun to move through that cane field picking up a lot of dry leaves and creating a spectacle that I wish I could have caught on camera. But I missed it, because once again…I did not have my camera.

As writers, we never know when the inspiration is going to hit. I have had dreams, thoughts and ideas come and go without being recorded. Many moments lost because I did not have a pen and a paper, or a recording device. How many best selling ideas have I missed, or great books that could have spoken volumes to many people, just because I did not write it as I received it.

In essence, we don’t find inspiration. Inspiration finds us, most times without adequate notice. That’s just how a writers mind works. It could be an object, or a phase spoken by a particular person, a moment in time that was not captured and become lost forever.

So I went and bought a lot of notebooks, and make sure one and a pen is in every room. I have written things I may never use, but the moment was captured. I have also acquired a recording device, but I have no idea where it is in this point in time. While it could be found, it did come in handy as I tend to get inspiration while driving. I have had to pull to the side of the highway once to make notes. Not sure I will ever do that again. The car shook violently every time a car whizzed past on the highway.

The point is, always be prepared to record that fleeting moment of inspiration. Otherwise, it could be lost forever.


Writers Block

This term is well known by all writers. It is those moments where nothing seems to leave the mind to the page. it is those moments, that the mind has seemingly gone blank. Writers block is when illumination and inspiration seems to elude us, and all that is left behind is a blank page.

For writers to make a living, we have to write and write consistently. Everyday, if possible. So writers block becomes an enemy that is not welcomed in our part of town as it will lead to poverty.

So how do I deal with this elusive monster?

Well, I ignore it. I make it a habit to write even in the absence of illumination and inspiration, I write even if I don;t feel like writing (like now), I write even when the blank page is seemingly more attractive than what I have written. In essence, I do write a lot of crap….but I have written none the less. Revisions and re-writes can change garbage into a total gem, so why worry about whats coming out, and how it comes out on the page. It doesn’t really matter if you think about it. What matters is that something has been written.

There is a difference between someone employed at 9-5 job and a writer. Employed people can go to work and pretend like they are working, spending a majority of the time on social networks and texting, but still get their full pay at the end of the payment cycle. For writers, unless that blank page falls between two chapters, or at the end for notes…. we don’t get paid for a blank page. If we entertain writers block, that is most definitely what we will end up with.

We can’t do anything to stop this dude from coming around and trying to stifle our creative flow. What we can do is press on even in his intimidating presence. Eventually, like the devil, he will flee after much resistance.

So, don’t let a day end on a blank page.



My Present Projects

Just wanted to share how overwhelming this gift of writing can get, and I’m not complaining. Truth is, you tell people that you work from home, and they are like ‘Oh, you must have so much time on your hands.’ I wish!

Presently I’m writing a Screenplay Adaption for one of my Friends Rob Buck titled Beyond Time. It’s kind of a futuristic/scientific story with some interesting time travel themes and a good Christian message.

I’m also working on another Screenplay adaption “Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles” that chronicle the ‘Jesus Movement’ stories of the 70’s. Very interesting themes of faith and miracles.

There is also another Screenplay I’m working on called “The Covering.” This one is being written from a treatment or outline and takes twice as long as the other two established stories. In essence, this one has to be built from the ground up.

I am also the co-author of a full length stageplay titled “I Need to Know my Father – Part II.” This is a sequel and is challenging to write as there is an expectation that this will surpass the quality and value of the first one, and this is not easy to do.

Those are the urgent projects I’m working on along with my own personal writing including the novel for ‘Chloe’ that I am getting super excited about and I can’t wait to release that to the world. It’s a really good story.

See other works at


Christ in my Writing

I make every effort to include ‘Christian’ when trying to define the kind of writer I am. I know I could be content with just saying I’m a writer, but to me it makes all the more difference to be a little bit more specific. After all there are erotic writers, fantasy writers, comedy writers. I could fall into one or more of these categories, but with a strong Christian flavor.

A few years ago, I was doing a Playwriting course through a secular channel. So, naturally, the play I was supposed to write for that class was secular. For the first time ever, I even used some controversial language. I mean, I was doing a Playwriting course. I would fail if all my characters sounded like the decent, law abiding Christian that I am….so if a character was a sinner, I made him sin and cuss.

It just so happens that I was asked to display some of my stuff at a Church Convention. I never thought anyone would venture to look beyond the cover of anything on display. After all, this is a generation of non-readers right? Wrong! One of my elderly sister from my own local Church flipped beyond the cover of my first non-Christian play. She came over to me and asked what this particular word she was pointing at was. Of course it was one of those words I don’t use or more so, I should not use…but I wrote it. I was very embarrassed.

That moment in my history taught me a valuable lesson that I never forgot. To this day, I have never compromised anything I have written, and am proud to say that I am a Christian Writer, and I write for God. I have learnt the art of making a character who is a sinner, a sinner without compromising in language, explicit descriptions and behavior or gross mis-conduct. This self appointed title, however, comes with its own disadvantages. I try not to write, unless I am inspired to, which makes maintaining a blog a challenge in and of itself as I really have no words of my own. I am very doubtful I will make it to 365 posts, but I will try. This is really me trying.

Until then you can see my work here: